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NewScientist上的一篇文章,討論人類意識的存在作為智慧設計的證據,其中一段談到Discovery Institute支持的「non-material neuroscience」計畫。這項計畫預設兩個立場︰1.心物二元論,以及2.人的意識(心靈)來自於上帝,所以不需要解釋。

Non-material neuroscience的科學家們做了很多的實驗企圖佐證二元論,有趣的是,他們認為下面這個實驗是有效的︰

『Then he had (the obsessive-compulsive-disorder)patients use "mindful attention" to actively change their thought processes, and this showed up in the brain scans: patients could alter their patterns of neural firing at will.

From such experiments, Schwartz and others argue that since the mind can change the brain, the mind must be something other than the brain, something non-material.』


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